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Astroverted (2004-2005)


During these years I lived in a creekside cabin in North Carolina's Blue Ridge mountains. It was a perfect manifestation of how I envisioned wanting to live, based on a desire I cultivated while residing in the "anti-squat" and later prototyped during my Brazilian sojourn. I had envisioned being close to nature, living a simple life, surrounded by community, music and art.


This was a time and place where I could allow the experiences of the previous years to settle and integrate. A place where I could focus on honing my skills as an artist. For this reason I referred to the town of Boone as The Boone Cocoon. 

creekside cabin.jpg

Back then I was so introverted,

it was far out. 

You could even say I was "astroverted", 

documenting deep, internal, starlit journeys of sensation.

I was a sensational, internal journalist with a paintbrush and a pen.

Canvas and Poster Prints, varying sizes & prices

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