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Void Denizen - Séance Fiction (2016)


This record is a genre-fluid synthesis of lyrically-driven story-songs, loaded with wit, whimsy, and wisdom. It's an alchemical comedy of cosmic proportions, an enigmaniacally mystical see-saw of seen and unseen, of gravity and levity. This is where Stoned Ape Theory meets Stone Tape Theory. There are raps and rhapsodies; a simian space-opera, and an astro-gospel.


There's a rock song about rocks,


and a sea-shanty about sirens (who sing the ultimate rock-song).


Rise up with the "sea-monkey-dew", shed your skin and reach for the stars! Disguise the limit!


Reframing our perceptions of death, spirit, matter, and technology, the songs in this collection are a kind of slave-songs--let's call them "necro spirituals"--that strive to uplift and liberate the captive listener from the bondage of death's dreary promise by clanging its conventional shackles in a musical manner and making light of the dark arts. 


ancestral advisory.jpg

Loosely threaded throughout the record, and further explored in the videos linked below, is the tale of a necromancer in search of a "rock technology" through which he'll be able to transcend space and time and communicate with the dead, which might be synonymous to interfacing with The Unconscious. There's even a tutorial called "Necromancy 101".


Music Video Narratives:

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