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Written & Spoken Words

More soundscaped stories, fragments and chapters from in-progress manuscripts are available exclusively via Patreon.


New Patreon exclusive short story that recounts the details of a recent ac(c)ident, when a wooden Indiana Jones bridge collapsed from under me and sent my partner and I plummeting into the abyss below. 

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During the intro of SPAOP ep 21, I relay the story of my time “playing dead for a living” on the set of Westworld, the HBO show about a theme-park of AI-cowboys-gone-wild, which heavily leans on Julian Jaynes’ theory to fulfill its narrative arc.

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A tale of time-looped-travel Trojan-horsing around as a virtual tour of Burning man.

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This episode's intro includes a fully soundscaped audiobook-style chapter about a formative mystical experience. Other episodes, also, include narrativized writings. 

La dream zine: "Egyptian Tomb Tourism"

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