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Nowadays I mostly compose micro-songs and soundscapes that function as intros to episodes of my podcast Self Portraits As Other People. Other soundscapes become the beds for spoken word tracks that end up exclusively on my Patreon.

cracks of dawn.jpg

I've also composed music to accompany promo videos for my books, as well as for one of the docu-teaser-trailers for the project Balladir's Journey Through The Underdark.

TheaTerRa started out as a series of vocal compositions that were later adapted for a small tribal orchestra. For a rough "sketchbook" of songs that were never fully fleshed out, check out:

For more miscellaneous live recordings, sketches, and never released songs such as "Consciousmess" or "The Theme of The Sentimental Centipede", visit SOUNDCLOUD:

contributions to other people's projects

lyrical contribution:

vocal contributions:

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