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"The typewriter should be a Ouija board. Your hands move on it and reveal things about yourself you don't know."
—Ray Bradbury in this 1974 interview

"Surrealism at its finest!"

"There's nothing in this world that represents me more."
-@amberleevarnado, about her Oracle Poem

"...brought me to tears... a treasure."

"Insightful, provocative, and incisive. His readings give you much to ponder and continuously glean wisdom from."

“Oracular Interactions” is a tea leaf reading service that prompts a free-associative conversation and culminates in an "oracle poem" composed on the Hermes Rocket "Archetypewriter."

How it works:


I’m visual artist and a wordsmyth with psychoactive intuition, who utilizes "pareidolic divinitation" as a means to "read" people.


"Pareidolia" is the tendency to see meaningful patterns in random stimuli, like faces in clouds.


This is not fortune telling or mind reading. The tea leaves simply offer an interface between my mind and that of the client.


Looking at the picture patterns of the tea leaves, whatever I see I say.

Pan cup1.jpg
Pan cup2.jpg

This sparks up a random, free associative conversation with the client, getting to know them from a non-linear point of entry. It can go deep fast, or maintain amusement on the surface.

When I feel I have gathered enough information I type up a poem, which allows the client to take a souvenir of the Oracular Interactions home.


These Oracular Interactions hold space for synchronicity, connective magic, and have brought participants to states of wonder, self-insight, breakthroughs, orgasmic bursts of laughter, and even tears.


I work on donation basis, with a suggested donation of between $15 and $50. 

Check out my "Pareidoodles" and "Divined Designs," generated with a similar technique using watercolor stains, to get a sense of how I see into the leaves.


Oracular Interactions is a great addition to any social event.


For IRL event bookings or to schedule an online session, contact me.

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