Podcast Appearances

Future Fossils with Michael Garfield, ep. 170: "The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo Rides The Transtempouroboros and Waits for The End of The World to End"

Xian Archive with Matt Humble, ep. 16: The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo - Self Portraits As Other People


The Rainbow Brainskull Hour with Ramin Nazer, ep. 63: "The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo 2"


The Aslandies Show with Aslan Rife (twitch video stream): Weird Wednesdays ep4

The Mikedelic Podcast with Mike Brancatelli (2): Aphantastic Accents & Gaberdine Dreams


Dodcast with Luke Dodson: #4 The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo


The Liminalist: The Podcast Between with Jasun Horsley: #254 "More Snake Skins"

The Quarantine Sessions with Jake Kobrin: "Spiritual Ventriloquism from A Denizen of the Void"

(click here for the videographic component to the Quarantine Sessions)

The End of The Road Podcast with Michael Kokal:


The Mikedelic Podcast with Mike Brancatelli:

The Cosmic Nod with Collin Frangicetto: "Ayahuasca Dialogues: God Jokes"

Third Eye Drops with Michael Phillip, Mind Meld 193: "Trial and Error, Joy and Terror"


Third Eye Drops with Michael Phillip (part 2): Patreon Only Access

The Rainbow Brainskull Hour with Ramin Nazer, ep. 33: "The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo"

Future Fossils with Michael Garfield (2), ep. 101: "Future Fossils 101" (ft. Michelle Shevin)

Future Fossils with Michael Garfield, ep. 37: "Excavating the Future with PaisleyOntology"

Expanding Mind with Erik Davis, ep: "Void & Imagination"