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Pink Sugar
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This page is a place to take in a diverse range of my visual creations at a glance. Should you care to learn more about these pieces and the journeys they serve to illustrate, I invite you to go for a deep divinatory dive through the Visual Art galleries, where they reside among their peers. It is there that you will be able to read more about each individual piece, their symbolism, and the context of their emergence. Click the eye in the triangle to transport yourself there.


 Just like a mushroom is the visible, fruiting body of a larger underground organism, so paintings are the visible aspects of a larger network of ideas and experiences. On display here you'll find a small, diverse selection of my works to take in at a glance. Scan your eyes across the topography of their compositions and let it speak to you like music to for the eyes. Instead of passively looking, I invite your pupils to drink up the colors and textures. Relish in the sensation of seeing, and discover all the tiny worlds hidden in plain sight, as if it were your own estranged Unconscious reaching out to greet you.

psychonaut awake.png

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