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Alebrujo (2021-2022)


At the trailing tail end of the global pandemic, after leaving my LA apartment, taking care of my father for 8 months and traveling up and down the west coast in search of home, I ended up in an artist residency in a snail-shaped house in the jungle outside Mexico.

The podcasting portal yielded me the invite, and I found here what I had been looking for--community, nature, art, and a reacquaintance with my magical self. A threshold guardian named Richie resparked my passion for painting with abandon, and his similar interests (overlapping beyond synchonicity) rekindled the lost continents of years of exploration gone astray.

I recount how I got here, and much of the unfolding in a series titled VILLA PRECOGNITO


-villa precognito

-the qualia enquirer



-Bat cave

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