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Divined Designs are the logical progression from Stainspotting's concrete exploration of pareidolic phenomena. They are pure expressions of play and acceptance. Absolutely all aspects of the personality are welcome. The borders are open: any freak that wishes to make themselves seen can step up to the page.

These are works of post-visionary, psy-op pop art, more fun than fine art, more toast-modern than a pop-tart.

Battling Bandits #1, 2022.    More 2022 collection coming soon!

Divined Designs: The Xilitla Collection, 2021

Notable Collaborations, 2022


I was one of the winners in David Choe's "Reverse Coloringbook Challenge,"
primed by Choe, peopled by me

Collab with Allyson "my wife Allyson" Grey.
She posted this watercolor on her IG and I peopled it.

Divined Designs: The Early Pareidoodle Collection, 2014-5