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Self Portraits as Other People is a hyper-creative, psycho-active variety show wherein The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo and his guests engage in social storytelling to mindfully and artfully investigate where the limits of language meet the fringes of Reality.


The show is constantly defying, redefining, and refining itself. Each episode is its own schizovereign entity, but there seem to be themes that are built upon from pod to pod. Each episode is preceded by an intricately sound-scaped introduction that offers the invisible listener a lens through which to view the conversation that is to follow, along with otherwise cosmic, comedic, and contemplative content.


The shownotes offer hyperlinked rabbitholes that will allow you to dig deeper into wonderlands touched upon on air. Occasionally a Bonus, solo pod is bath-bombed into the stream to showcase stand-alone story fragments that have escaped from the dark archives of never before released materials, or from the vaults of "Patreon-only".


Right from the start, SPAOP wasted no time jumping off the deep end into the highlands, linguistically levitating somewhere between the fatherland and the mothership, where laughing angels drink from the crying well and the cosmic giggle reflects its cracked smile on the surface of the shattered mirror-pool. If you're new here, and are wondering where to start, you are invited to listen in any order. Start at the last episode for the most cutting edge, newest now, and track back from there to witness the devolution, or start at the beginning and work your way up to the present, or pick a pod with a title & description that piques your curiosity. The choice is yours. We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out, or leave a review.

You can listen to SPAOP wherever podcasts are found


The logo depicts two saucer-minded individuals who are attempting to articulately convey their minds' unidentified contents through conversational exploration. Their voices braid together while simultaneously branching off in separate directions, reiterating the unidentified notions they seek to compare & convey. Meanwhile their mind's "feelers" reach for the ideal version of the unidentified mental object that signifies their unity, evermore just beyond their grasp, evermore evading articulation.


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BONUS: The Pandemic As Societal Tuning Fork In The Road

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BONUS: The World Is My Stage, But I Perform On The Page

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