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My divinatory paintings are like experiential maps resulting from deep internal journeys. They celebrate the sensation of seeing, secrete perceptual secrets, and invite the viewer to set their story-plotting gears in motion. Each gallery is accompanied by a written summary of the time, place, and context of the creations they contain.













principles of creation


Creative Principles: Divinatory Art, Pareidolia, Muses & Sirens 

The journeywork

bakuim copy.jpg

Adventures in Shamanism (2015-2019):

VR (Vegetal Reality) 

Paisley Ontology (2007-2008):

 The Inhabited Material of The MetaReal

Astroverted (2004-2006):

The Boone Cocoon

Entheogenesis (2003-2004):

Insect Mysticism & Floral Consciousness

Early Works (2002-2003):

Ghostbusting at the TranscenDentist Practice



The GelPen Empire

impatient transformation2.jpg


Revisionary Art

heroic dose: a deep divinatory dive

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