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Originally presented as part of the Virtual Dream Palace Athens


Join The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo on a creative journey through an oracular art-making process. Discover the magic of pareidolia, the tendency for perception to find meaningful patterns in random stimuli (like seeing faces in the clouds) and harness it to create art that playfully unveils the depths of your Unconscious.

Most non-artists freeze up before a blank canvas, not knowing what to draw. Using my techniques we forego knowing, and enter into a creative process of discovering.

No experience necessary! You don’t even need to know what to draw or how to draw. We will literally make the mind visible and outline our findings.

During the workshop participants will be presented with the practical tools and techniques to make artworks that will exceed their own expectations. In effect we will open a pareidolic portal into the depths of our creative unconscious, and connect to what we could consider the inner “daemon” or “genius”.

Textural primings, from which participants can draw forth forms, will be provided ahead of time in the form of jpg image files. Ideally the participant would load the file into a tablet and digitally draw upon the surface, but the images can also be printed out to be doodled upon. Alternately, participants may create their own priming using watercolors.

𓆣 Choose from three options for your creative process:

𓆣 Utilize a digital drawing tablet and software

(e.g., iPad with Procreate or equivalent).

𓆣 Print the provided image and use a pen, pencil, or marker

for analog enhancements.

𓆣 Craft your own priming using watercolors on watercolor paper,

and a fine-liner pen.


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